7 Steps to Storage Success

Our Process

BHD has developed the following 7-step system while managing our projects over the past two decades, successfully designing and installing storage solutions for industries and clients as varied as the problems they brought to us to solve.

Step 1. Site Analysis
Ensuring we provide the best and most cost effective solution, BHD works with engineering and qualified design professionals to review the current site and plan for required upgrades.

Step 2: Defining the Storage Solution
A tailored solution is engineered and configured, which details all elements of the project.

Step 3: Strategic Implementation
Successful delivery is in the finer details. Resources are confirmed, delivery dates, logistics, and the appropriate experienced installation team is sourced and briefed.

Step 4: On Site
The BHD storage product will be manufactured and shipped to your business’s site in the safest and least disruptive manner possible. Our team of qualified installers will get to work assembling and installing components, all the while ensuring all workplace health and safety standards and rules are adhered to.

Step 5: Complete Installation
Upon completion of install, a BHD Storage Solutions representative will run through the configuration with you to make sure the project has been completed to the highest standard.

Step 6: Load and Train
You are now free to load your product onto the BHD Storage Solutions system, and to see your warehouse and business reap the rewards. Your team will be trained on best practice uses of the racking design and system, and will be given a BHD Operations Manual to assist in further training and development of warehouse and logistics team members.

Step 7: Review, Report, and Maintain
At BHD Storage Solutions, we offer a comprehensive ten-year defect warranty. To ensure this warranty is maintained, BHD will visit your site on an annual basis to undertake a racking inspection. This is also a requirement under OH&S law.

Your BHD Storage Solutions team member will also be available for any further rack adjustments, staff training, or additional requirements you may need once the system is operational.

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