Pallet Racking in Brisbane Customised to Your Needs

With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on the team at BHD storage Solutions to provide the best storage solutions for your warehouse. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve, helping businesses to improve their efficiency through excellent racking design, including the use of pallet racking in Brisbane. If you’ve got questions about storage, you’ve found the right team to answer them. Call us today to discuss your requirements with our friendly experts.

What We Provide

Our services always have your best outcome in mind. We reverse engineer from that point to offer services that support getting you the best result possible.

Warehouse Racking Design

There are many kinds of racking designs available. Our job is to consult with you to find out which will best suit your needs. We don’t just want to make a sale; we want to ensure that your problem is fixed by our products and services, including pallet racking in Brisbane.

Maintenance and Repairs

All business assets need maintenance in some shape or form, and it’s the same for pallet racking in Brisbane. Once a year or so, we’ll visit your site for a check up on your racking. The good news is this yearly visit will help your racking to stay in top condition, providing numerous benefits for your business.

Project Management

Tired of cookie cutter solutions that don’t quite fit your business? So are we. That’s why we assign you a specialised project manager who works with your business to find out what your core requirements are, and how to best meet them with our customisable products and services.


Relocations can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why it’s a good idea to call BHD Storage Solutions for expert relocations of pallet racking in Brisbane. We can help make your relocation so much smoother with the benefit of our experience.

H2: Call Us Now for Customised Pallet Racking in Brisbane

If you need racking that addresses your particular business needs, then we have the solution for you at BHD Storage Solutions. We focus not only on the product, but also its implementation, and provide support for both. That means you get a solution that actually works. Call us today on 1300 0722 5464 to find out more.

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