Cantilever Racking


Cantilever racking is a cost-effective warehouse option for warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and across Australia that’s ideal for storing items and materials that are long, bulky or irregularly shaped, including steel pipes, wooden planks, plastic tubing and more. This is because there are no structural components of the warehouse that interfere with the handling of these items.

At BHD Storage Solutions, our cantilever racking and cantilever shelving system in Australia is the best choice if you’re interested in planning for business growth and change. We’re leading the way in the design and functionality of cantilever storage racks with pivot arm technology, while ensuring the prevention of structural or product damage. Our heavy-duty cantilever racking system is especially useful, capable of standing up to daily stresses.

High-Quality Cantilever Racking Systems

A cantilever racking system is a cost-effective option that’s ideal for storing items and materials that are long, bulky or irregularly shaped. Our high-quality cantilever racks for steel and other heavy materials are recommended if you’re interested in planning for business growth and change. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of design and functionality with our pivot arm technology, while ensuring structural and product damage is prevented. Our heavy-duty cantilever racking system is especially useful, with a greater weight capacity and the ability to withstand harsh environments with many daily stresses.

Key Features of Cantilever Racking

  • Cantilever storage racks with unilateral, bilateral or combination side loading.
  • Indoor or outdoor use with the option of galvanised or powder coat finishes.
  • Colour match finishes for your business’s corporate colours.
  • Light, medium or big load systems ranging from 3 metres to 12 metres in height, and arm depths of up to 3 metres.
  • Designed to withstand the heaviest of work cycles, using high strength carbon steel.
  • Manufactured overseas in compliance to Australian Standards 4084-2023 & FEM Standards (European Materials Handling Federation), and to meet all safety requirements.

Highest Quality Materials & Manufacturing


Only the highest quality materials and highest-grade steel, finishes and standards are selected to manufacture the various components of our cantilever storage racks.


Using advanced design software and engineering, BHD heavy duty cantilever racks for steel and other heavy materials are manufactured to exact tolerances. All items produced by BHD are able to be tracked via individual batch numbers, ensuring that in the unlikely event of product malfunction, a recall can be activated immediately.

Cantilever Racking
Cladded Cantilever Racking - 003 - Mitre 10 - Galvanised Cantilever Racking overview


Our 5-step coating process ensures a perfect finish every time for our industrial cantilever racks and provides up to 10 years of protection if inspected annually.

Why Choose BHD Storage Solutions for Cantilever Racking Installation?

BHD Storage Solutions is backed by years of experience helping businesses to source the cantilever rack shelf systems they need. From light duty options through to heavy duty cantilever storage racks, we have a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. You can rest assured our team has the necessary expertise to recommend and install a suitable cantilever pallet racking solution that fulfils your needs without exceeding your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cantilever racking is a type of metal shelving unit that allows for the storage of lengthy, bulky or irregular items. A cantilever steel rack system is quick and easy to install and is one of the most versatile cantilever shelving options for warehouses, helping to save space.

Cantilever timber racking is a particularly popular cantilever shelving option, helping to store irregularly shaped planks and other pieces of timber. A cantilever rack can also store additional items, making it a versatile solution.

There are various options for cantilever shelf racks, such as heavy-duty, standard-duty, and light-duty models, cantilever racking with or without a galvanised roof, and cantilever multi-rack storage and single rack storage.

Whether you need a large or small cantilever rack will depend on the items you typically need to store as well as their amounts. Cantilever rack capacity can range not just in size, but also in terms of arm rack capacity. To work out the required arm rack capacity for a cantilever racking heavy duty installation, there are formulas that can be used to ensure an accurate calculation. For help in this area, it’s recommended you consult with an expert in heavy duty cantilever racks like the team at BHD Storage Solutions.

It’s also recommended that you get a cantilever or pallet rack shelving system that’s slightly larger than your current needs dictate, as this will mean your cantilever rack shelf will be able to accommodate any changing requirements in the future.

If you need to store a lot of items, you might also consider a double-sided cantilever rack to save on space. These heavy-duty cantilever racks feature storage space on either side, allowing for more items to be easily stored and accessed.

The benefits of cantilever racking systems are plentiful. In addition to making it easy to display and store long or irregularly shaped items such as pipes and tubes, cantilever storage racks allow you to build your storage vertically, which is ideal for warehouses with limited floor space or wanting to get their product up off the floor. Having more storage packed into a smaller floor area also helps to reduce product-handling times.

Before making a purchase decision, it’s important to determine if cantilever racks are indeed the best solution for the requirements of your warehouse. As a result, you’ll want to know how much your product weighs, as well as its height, width and length. You should also work out the size of the area you have available.

Other factors to keep in mind when buying cantilever racking in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia include strength and durability. Opting for a system that’s built sturdy ensures safety as well as longevity – both of which are crucial when it comes to an effective cantilever racking system.

If you’re unsure which cantilever racking or cantilever pallet racking system is best suited to your requirements, get in touch with BHD Storage Solutions for premium cantilever racking in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our staff members will be happy to discuss your unique storage needs and suggest suitable options. We can then customise a solution that works for you and the types of goods you need to store. The type of cantilever or cantilever racking you opt for can also depend on your available budget.

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