Clad Rack High Bay Warehouse

If you’re looking for the largest, most versatile and highest warehouse racking storage options, a clad rack high bay warehouse from BHD Storage Solutions is an affordable alternative to traditional warehouse buildings. We can oversee the installation of tailored high bay warehouses that are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Every clad rack supported building we design and manufacture undergoes regular quality assurance inspections throughout the course of the construction stage. This is done to ensure that the structure adheres to all industry safety and quality standards.

What is a Clad Rack High Bay Warehouse?

A clad rack warehouse refers to a warehouse storage system in which the racks making up the warehouse shelving actually create the framework of the building itself. This rack supported building acts as a substitute for the vertical beams normally used to support the roof and the cladding, protecting the structure and stored goods from the damaging effects of inclement weather.

Depending on local restrictions, clad rack high bay warehouses can be built up to 30 metres high, allowing clients to make the most out of the surface area and storage space available to them.

Clad rack high bay warehouses are among the highest warehouse racking storage solutions available that can be tailored to suit your requirements. For clients who desire access to maximum storage space, a clad-rack warehouse system is the perfect economical solution.

Features & Benefits
  • Boosts productivity – The design of a clad rack warehouse can significantly increase storage capacity and simultaneously decrease product handling operations.
  • Suitable for various environments – The temperature of a clad rack warehouse can be refrigerated or chilled for storing food stock or be ambient for non-perishable stock, providing companies with an extensive range of storage solutions.
  • Adaptable – The steel construction of a clad rack supported building not only ensures that its foundation is secure, but also means it can be altered or extended vertically and horizontally to accommodate future storage requirements.
  • Room to move – The shelves in a clad rack supported building are designed to have an aisle located between two shelves, giving stacker cranes the room they need to move safely and efficiently when storing or retrieving pallets.
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