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BHD Storage Solutions won a tender issued by Western Australia’s leading supply chain and logistics consultancy, Supply Chain Services Australia (SCSA), to implement an innovative yard storage solution for the Laminex Group’s Bibra Lake site in the industrial south of Perth.

The site was unique, as it was selling typical timber hardware products, unlike other Laminex sites across Australia. ‘Following a recent strategic review of business operations, Laminex identified order fulfilment efficiency at the Bibra Lake warehouse as a critical area for improvement. Consequently, it established a business objective to increase the efficiency and safety of the DC to achieve the company’s benchmark. Laminex engaged SCSA to conduct an operational review targeted at enhancing Bibra Lake warehouse operations. The scope included the development of ways to optimise the warehouse layout, workflows, and operational procedures,’ explained Avi Olender of SCSA.

Previously, the warehouse held job lots in block stack configuration, three and four lots high, with access to bottom lots only achievable by removal of those lots above. Utilising vacant overhead space in the yard was made possible via a specialised galvanised outdoor Cantilever Racking engineered to Bibra Lake terrain.

A Cantilever Rack is a type of storage system consisting of vertical columns, a base, arms, and bracing. The BHD Cantilever System removed the need to double and sometimes triple handle products, reducing work time for forklift drivers, and decreasing the risk of damage caused when job lots were handled more than they should have been. The new storage system also provided much clearer access and identification of each job lot, resulting in efficiency for deliveries in and out of the warehouse.

The racking installation faced a number of challenges, including high winds and temperatures. The BHD installation team worked closely with the Laminex business to ensure its strong safety ethic was considered. The BHD Project Manager tailored and executed a safety plan to ensure consistent communication between the Warehouse Manager, BHD Installation Team, and SCSA.

Laminex has now been using the racks for years, and are pleased with the efficiencies achieved. Stage Two involving Cantilever Racking for inside of the warehouse was planned for a June 2011 installation, and attests to the confidence Laminex places in BHD’s products, services, and project team to provide its desired storage solutions.

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