Modular Racking / Long Span Shelving Rack

Long span shelving from BHD Storage Solutions, also known as modular racking, is a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses that need to store longer length items, as well as bulky items that don’t fit into traditional shelving systems.

Longspan shelving in Brisbane and Australia wide is fully adjustable and quick to assemble. BHD Storage Solutions can help you customise shelving solutions in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, tailoring heavy duty storage shelves and racking to your specific requirements by designing and installing a number of different configurations, including two tiers, three tiers or multi-tiers. This allows you to create a more efficient picking system so you can get the most out of the storage space you have available.

Features & Benefits
  • Strength – BHD Storage Solutions manufactures the most durable modular storage systems on the market, made from high-quality steel.
  • High load capacity – Every heavy-duty long span shelving unit we manufacture is designed to store inventory of any size, shape, height or width.
  • Simple Installation – This storage racking system has been designed to be very easy to assemble and install.
  • Accessories – Modular storage systems can have new components and accessories added onto them without having to be disassembled, such as dividers, shelves, hanging rails and more.
Advantages of Modular Storage Racks
  • A basic steel racking system featuring shelves with variable widths and depths and a sturdy frame.
  • BHD can provide storage accessories for your modular racking systems to better organise your products’ storage.
  • Colour match finishes to suit your business’s corporate colours.
  • Powder-coated steel metal shelving in Brisbane and Australia wide for a durable and industrial finish.
Where We Offer Modular Shelving in Australia

Longspan Shelving in Brisbane

If you’re a Brisbane based business looking for the perfect storage racking system for your particular storage requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with BHD Storage Solutions. Having been a leading supplier of industrial shelving in Brisbane for many years now, we can offer specialist advice regarding modular racking solutions and how they can benefit your business.

Longspan Shelving in Sydney

BHD Storage Solutions is a trusted Sydney long span shelving manufacturer that not only supplies long span shelving in Sydney, but can assist with long span shelving NSW wide. This means we can create and ship long span shelving to Newcastle, Wollongong, Orange, Dubbo and other towns across the state.

Longspan Shelving in Melbourne

Get in contact with us if you’re looking for long span shelving in Melbourne. We can create a custom long span shelving unit that fits your space and fulfils your specific racking requirements.

Long Span Shelving in Perth

BHD Storage Solutions is committed to helping our clients find cheap long span shelving in Perth. We can manufacture high-quality modular storage racks to meet your specifications, meaning you can get a long span shelving system that has the perfect frame height, width, depth and beam length.

Long Span Shelving in Canberra

BHD Storage Solutions is proud to be a trusted manufacturer and supplier of long span shelving in Canberra and the ACT. We make modular racking systems for Canberra businesses that are strong enough to hold various types of heavy loads.

Contact BHD Storage Solutions Today

If you want to get the best modular shelving system Australia wide, contact BHD Storage Solutions. We’re proud to be a leading supplier of modular racking solutions for businesses all across Australia, including longspan warehouse shelving and portable storage in Brisbane and beyond. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you, and what options we have available to best suit your needs. Fill out our online contact form to arrange a free, no-hassle quote for our industrial shelving in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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