Mobile Racking System

Electric Mobile Racking is a high-density storage system offering virtual total utilisation of storage space for warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia. BHD Storage Solutions offers multiple mobile racking system options, including Mobile Pallet Racking and Mobile Cantilever Racking for mobile storage in Brisbane and Australia wide.

Mobile Pallet Racking Applications:

  • General mobile storage
  • Products with average or low-level rotation
  • Refrigerated storerooms
  • Intermediary or shipping warehouses for palletised and regular-sized products

Mobile Cantilever Racking Applications:

  • General mobile storage
  • Products with average or low-level rotation
  • Refrigerated storerooms
  • Intermediary or shipping warehouses for sheets, reels, and large or irregular-sized products

The BHD Mobile Racking system is comprised of 100% selective pallet racks mounted onto mobile bases. These travel on tracks laid into the warehouse floor, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. The Mobile Racks move along the tracks, allowing for access aisles to be formed at each appropriate rack. These are easy to install and eliminate the need for specialised trucks, which can save you time and money in the long run. In addition, they reduce labour costs and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by human error. We can provide our mobile self-storage in Brisbane and across Australia.

Key Advantages
  • Maximise storage capacity within a given space
  • Use minimum space in a specified storage capacity, with floor utilisation of up to 80%
  • High storage efficiency, with direct access to any pallet in storage
  • Low failure rate, and can be used in situations without power
  • Simplicity of operation, using steady structures
  • High economical efficiency
  • Suitable for using in freezers, explosion-protection situations, and warehouses of high storage utilisation
  • Earthquake resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mobile Racking System is Best – Pallet or Cantilever?

The best mobile racking system will vary for every warehouse depending on their specific storage requirements. While mobile pallet racking and cantilever racking are both suitable for many similar applications, such as general mobile storage in Brisbane or refrigerated storerooms in Melbourne, they can offer different benefits for differently shaped items. Cantilever racking is recommended for warehouses that need to store long or irregularly shaped items, while pallet racking is ideal for palletised or regular-sized items.

How Much Does Mobile Racking Cost?

The cost of mobile racking can vary depending on whether you opt for mobile pallet racking or mobile cantilever racking. Other factors that can influence cost include the level of customisation required as well as the size of the system. To find out how much mobile racking will cost for your warehouse, discuss your mobile storage needs with BHD Storage Solutions today.

What’s the Difference Between Standard and Mobile Racking?

The main difference between standard and mobile racking is that a mobile racking system is installed on mobile bases, allowing for aisles to be easily created for more convenient access to stored goods. Mobile racking is also simpler and more affordable to install, as installation doesn’t require the use of specialised trucks.

Contact us today for more details about our mobile racking systems and mobile storage solutions for warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia-wide. Call us on 1300 661 198 or enquire online to receive a prompt response. We’re happy to suggest the best mobile self-storage in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to suit your specific requirements.

Technical Parameters

Carriage Base: 42 Tons x 3

Moving Speed: MAX 10m/min

Motor Reducer: 0.4KW

Control Options: Manual/Auto/Remote Control

Power Supply Mode: Main power feeding power cable

Power: AC380/400V (50/60Hz)

Safety Applications
  •  Entry Sensor
  • Bumper
  • Sound-light alarm
  •  Opened aisle will be locked under Auto mode
  •  Moving rack will be locked when moving over its allotted maximum time
  •  Opened aisle will be locked when main power is ON
  •  Moving rack will be auto-locked when overloaded, or when driving is over-current

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