Double Deep Pallet Racking

As a leading manufacturer of double deep pallet racking in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, BHD Storage Solutions can design a double deep pallet racking system in any size and configuration required. Our qualified racking specialists can come to your warehouse to take measurements and speak to you about your needs. After this, we can ascertain what the appropriate double deep pallet racking dimensions will be for helping you to maximise storage space and keep business operations running efficiently.

How Double Deep Pallet Racking Works

Pallets are stored in a double deep pallet rack at two depths to give workers quick and easy access to pallets. Only forklifts that are specially designed to be used with a double deep pallet racking system can be used to retrieve pallets on these racks, as they have telescopic forks or a pantograph mechanism that allows for easy retrieval.

The Advantages of Using Double Deep Pallet Racking

Increased Storage Capacity

A double deep pallet racking system is capable of storing twice as many pallets compared to other pallet racking systems with the same number of aisles. This system gives workers access to two rows of pallets in the same aisle, allowing for more storage space in the warehouse.

Improved Accessibility

As double deep pallet racks are only two pallets deep, workers have more room to quickly access pallets, thereby boosting their productivity and increasing stock rotation by as much as 50%.

Increased Safety

A double deep pallet rack has built-in steel pallet guides that move pallets from the front to the back of the rack. This improves the safety of the warehouse and makes handling and picking pallets far easier.

Accommodates All Kinds of Products

A double deep pallet racking system can be used to store a wide variety of products placed on pallets. Whether you need to store food, produce, beverages, hardware, industrial products, liquids, tiles or other types of inventories, this system is capable of doing so.

Simple to Install

It’s very quick and easy to install a double deep pallet racking system in a warehouse. You can also easily disassemble, modify and reassemble it to fulfil the everchanging storage needs of your business.

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BHD Storage Solutions can manufacture and supply double deep pallet racking to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney based warehouses. Contact us online to speak to our racking experts and enquire about our double deep pallet racking solutions.

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