Live Storage Pallet Racking

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane warehouses can rely on BHD Storage Solutions for a top-of-the-line pallet live storage system that can improve productivity and stock rotation. Every pallet live storage system we manufacture is designed by our team of racking experts to accommodate complex storage and logistics requirements. We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture these systems based on your particular storage needs while also ensuring that every rack adheres to Australian safety standards.

How Live Storage Pallet Racking Works

The pallet live storage system follows the FIFO (First In, First Out) method, where the first pallet that goes in will also be the first pallet that goes out. Pallets are loaded onto set lanes that have inclined gravity rollers fit at a fixed gradient. After a pallet has been loaded at the loading point, the system’s roller beds will move the pallet through the loading area to the retrieval point, where it will be picked up.

The Advantages of Using Live Storage Pallet Racking

Higher Efficiency

Live storage pallet racking is an efficient method. As the loading and unloading aisles are separate, there’s no traffic interference, with forklift trucks able to deposit and collect pallets in separate aisles. This enables pickers on one side to do their work while replenishers on the other side restock the shelves, meaning that workers can work at a faster pace and spend less time on loading and unloading pallets.

Perfect for Moving Perishable Inventory

Using a pallet live storage system that follows the FIFO method can help fast-paced warehouses and storage facilities rotate any perishable inventory they work with, such as food and other goods with expiry dates. The first lot of inventory that’s put through the system will be the first to leave the facility.

Increased Storage Capacity

Live storage pallet racking is designed to be adjustable, meaning it can be modified to suit the storage requirements of the warehouse. This in turn means that more space in the facility can be optimally used for storage purposes.

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