Push Back Racking

BHD Storage Solutions has a large selection of cart push back racking options that can significantly boost productivity in your workplace, put storage space to better use and provide various other benefits. Our team of racking experts have vast knowledge when it comes to push back pallet rack system options. We’re more than happy to talk to you about your particular storage requirements and recommend which push back pallet racking for sale will best fulfil your storage and stock rotation needs.

How Push Back Racking Works

Warehouse workers can use a standard forklift to place pallets onto carts that move along the inclined rails built into the push back pallet rack system. These carts are initially located at the rear of the system and have wheels that allow them to be pushed back along inclined storage lanes to move them to the front of the system so they can be picked. Once a load is picked, the pallets behind them will automatically be moved forward into position at the front, ready to be shipped when the time comes.

The Advantages of Using Push Back Racking

Increased Storage Capacity

A push back pallet rack system can store up to six pallets deep at a time on either side of an aisle, helping to optimise the storage capacity of warehouses by as much as 60% without having to create more aisles. A push back racking system utilises the space available by depth instead of by width, decreasing aisle space while simultaneously increasing storage density.

Can Store Many Kinds of Inventory

Push back pallet racking is designed to follow the LIFO (Last In, First Out) method, meaning that the last pallet to be stored will also be the first pallet to go out. While perishable products shouldn’t go through a push back racking system, it’s ideal for storing hardware, construction materials, non-perishable foods and beverages, and much more.

Compatible with Standard Forklifts

While specialised forklifts have to be used to store pallets on certain racking storage systems, standard forklifts can be used with a push back racking system. This is because back rack push press systems come with inclined rails that slide a new pallet forward to the front position once the previous pallet has been picked up.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

If a push back pallet rack system sounds like a storage solution that your business could benefit from using, contact BHD Storage Solutions today. Our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane storage experts can help you find the right push back pallet racking for sale that’s perfect for your warehouse.

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