Review & Replacement Project

George Weston & Son's

BHD Storage Solutions completed a replacement project for George Weston & Sons in Queensland, where an existing Pallet Racking System was configured with insufficient capacity for its cubic volume. This had resulted in reduced usage, and for the need to constantly monitor the system.

George Weston & Sons is one of Queensland’s leading non-ferrous metal suppliers, specialising in all types of copper-based alloys, specialist metals, brass and copper sheeting, and bar products. The business was using an alternate Cantilever System for storage and dispatch in their main warehouse facility. However, the system was under-engineered, and lacked the required capacity for its day-to-day business activities.

BHD Storage Solutions, on review of the requirements of the product and business, replaced the system with a heavy-duty 60-tonne capacity Cantilever System, with more capacity than cubic volume. This provided George Weston & Sons with increased efficiency, a safer structure for current business needs, and the capacity for future growth.

Robert Lund, Manager of George Weston & Sons said, ‘The new warehouse configuration has solved our storage problem with its superior design and weight holding capacity, and at the same time created a safer environment for our staff. It has increased our holding capacity, and streamlined our receiving abilities.’

Having reviewed the business’s concerns and warehouse functions, BHD Storage Solutions’ consultants were able to provide a complete warehouse storage solution for George Weston & Sons, ensuring its products can be stored successfully today, and well into their business’s next growth stages.

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