Safety Plays a Key Role in OneSteel


A warehouse solution was required for bulk and broken pack storage of aluminium extrusions, and to allow the OneSteel business in Dandenong to achieve more versatility in its storage and handling of products.

BHD Storage Solutions supplied a number of design and layout options, and together with OneSteel’s input, refined a design to optimally suit its specific requirements. The final design of Cantilever Racking took into consideration the make and model of forklift OneSteel used, allowing specific aisle widths, plus technical and size characteristics, which could then be adjusted based on stocking requirements and load levels.

Safety was the number one priority during the installation process. A construction site was created to ensure the safety of BHD and OneSteel staff working in close proximity to one another. To ensure racking material did not overcrowd the construction site, material was delivered in three waves, which included the correct specified mix of material required for each unique stage of installation. Meetings and briefings took place to make sure all BHD installation personnel and OneSteel staff members were aware of each other’s activities and movements over the three-week project installation period.

From BHD’s Safe Work Method Statements to project storyboards containing safety information and procedures, project plans, schedules, and project drawings, a focus on safety was in place at all stages of the project’s progress. This allowed representatives from the OneSteel organisation to instantly view project development.

The OneSteel project was completed four working days ahead of schedule, and its warehouse storage system continues to improve the business’s efficiency and capabilities.

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