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Rack Protection

BHD Storage Solutions sees Rack Protection as a truly value added addition to your storage structure, reducing potential downtime to your business.

Storage issues typically pose companies with the dilemma of whether to:

  • Continually fix and/or replace rack uprights,
  • Unload damaged racking, or
  • Ignore the problem and continue business as usual.

Unfortunately, none of these options is ideal.

Option A can be expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to warehouse operations. Option B decreases valuable storage room – space your business pays good money for. Option C, well in these days of strict OH&S policies, option C is simply not an option.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: BHD Rack Protection.

The vast majority of Pallet Racking upright damage occurs within the first 0 to 600mm. Time and time again we see uprights in impeccable shape except in the very bottom section. This is where Rack Protection can be your friend and ally. Due to the design of Rack Protection Units used by BHD, impacts that would have normally resulted in the pallet rack frame being rendered unusable, is often absorbed and deflected.

This results in no damage whatsoever to either the Rack Protection, or to the racking itself. In instances of more serious contact, the design of BHD Rack Protection ensures the protector will act as a sacrificial barrier. The cost of a replacement protector is a fraction of the expense of a repair or new frame, not to mention far less time-consuming and disruptive.

Benefits and Features of BHD Storage Solutions Rack Protection
  • Quality materials and designs ensure durability.
  • Can be retroactively fitted to nearly any brand of racking.
  • Simple, fast, and inexpensive installation.
  • Customised to suit your application.
  • A truly value added addition to your racking structure.
  • Reduce the potential for OH&S hazards, while minimising your ongoing rack maintenance costs.

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