Vertical Storage Rack

Vertical storage racks are an economical and space-saving method of upright storage system. They can be installed quickly and are also a cost-effective solution, making it easy to create optimal floor space and provide easy access to stock items for picking or retail areas. Vertical rack storage systems additionally minimise damage to products by using dividing mechanics, which provide safe, secure and clear storage.

BHD Storage Solutions is the biggest supplier of vertical storage racks in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere across Australia. We can arrange to transport our vertical rack structures to any location in the country. You can also rest assured knowing that our vertical steel storage rack solutions are all engineered and certified as per stringent Australian industrial standards.


Businesses storing the following products can benefit from integrating a vertical racking storage system into their warehouse or retail function:


Using a vertical storage rack is a highly recommended way to store your long timber products. This not only securely stores the timber away, but also makes it easier to access it when necessary while preventing the timber from being exposed to moisture.


You can keep your beam products up off the floor using a vertical metal storage rack that will protect them from getting damaged. In addition to freeing up floor space, these racks can also increase storage capacity.


Vertical pipe storage racks are ideal for warehousing and retail environments as they can be arranged in aisles to better organise and store steel pipe products. This will ensure they won’t be left on the floor where they can get damaged.


BHD Storage Solutions can supply your business with a vertical steel storage rack that’s capable of storing tube products. These rack systems are recommended for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and other industrial worksites.

Long-Length Products

This type of vertical rack can be used to store items that are long in length and typically difficult to store. Such items can be stored vertically to reduce how much floor space is required for storage purposes.


BHD Storage Solutions manufactures high-quality vertical artwork storage rack systems to securely store both portrait and landscape artworks. Storing your artwork in a specially made vertical artwork storage rack allows for neat storage while also providing ultimate protection.

Features & Benefits
  • Improves organisation – Vertical storage racks give businesses a simple yet effective way to keep stock neatly organised and accessible.
  • Accessibility – Vertical racking makes it quick and easy for employees to access stored items placed at ground level, making picking and sorting through stock and equipment a breeze.
  • Customisation options – If a standard sized vertical storage rack isn’t suitable for your product storage requirements, BHD Storage Solutions can manufacture a custom vertical rack system for your business.
  • Optimise storage space – Since all items that are stored on a vertical metal storage rack are vertically positioned, you can reduce how much floor space is needed for storage applications in your facility.
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