Storage Racking Shelving

BHD Storage Solutions is a trusted supplier of storage racks and shelves in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our specialist storage racking shelving experts will provide you with all the information you need and explain how your storage system will affect your existing floor space, business operations and budget. We can design and install high-quality metal storage shelves to fulfil all of your particular storage requirements. Our metal storage shelves offer incredible structural strength and a high load capacity, enabling large quantities of inventory to be stored for long periods of time while optimising available floor space.

The Advantages of Using Storage Racking Shelving

Can Store Many Types of Inventory

Most storage racks and shelves are capable of storing palletised items, making them highly recommended for warehouses where forklifts are used. Speak to BHD Storage Solutions today to find the right metal storage shelves for your warehouse.

High Durability

Our storage racks and shelves are made from heavy-duty structural steel that are designed to withstand forklift impacts and other damages. All of our metal storage shelves also come with a horizontal beam that’s bolted to the uprights to give them the strength and stability they need.

Versatile Design

As storage requirements constantly change, we make our racks shelves for storage applications easy to modify to fit in inventory of any size and weight. Storage racks and shelves can be dismantled and reconfigured quickly for accommodate any new storage inventory requirements.

Increased Safety

BHD Storage Solutions provides storage racking shelving systems that are designed with the safety of your employees in mind. Not only will our systems securely store your inventory, but their smart design and the strong steel they’re made from will ensure that the likelihood of your employees getting injured while working with them is greatly minimised.

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If you want to speak to a company that supplies racks shelves for storage applications in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or elsewhere across Australia, get in touch with BHD Storage Solutions today. Contact us online to enquire about our available storage racks and shelves.

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