Australian War Memorial’s Unique Storage Solution

The Australian War Memorial required a unique storage solution that could accommodate their long, odd shaped and exclusive aviation collection in their brand new state of the art storage facility.

This impressive new storage facility is completely temperature controlled to preserve the aviation collection, along with having a Bi Folding Hanger door that stretched long enough to allow for the Australian War Memorial’s extensive collection of aircraft’s to enter. By having these impressive warehouse features this has given the Australian War Memorial the ability to store and preserve Australia’s rich aviation history and most impressive aircraft’s. Despite the recent build of this amazing brand new facility, the Australian War Memorial required more storage space to store their most uniquely sized aviation collection pieces.

BHD Storage Solutions were tasked with providing custom and innovative storage solutions that could accommodate aircraft’s and their wings that spanned as long as 15 meters in length, engines that weighed in excess of 4 tonne, old bombs and many more distinctively shaped parts and equipment. The storage solutions that were required by the Australian War Memorial would not suit your standard racking, and BHD could offer this out of the box, cost effective storage solution that worked within the timeline provided by the Australian War Memorial.

One of the two types of storage solutions that BHD provided was the BHD Pallet Racking with extra-long four meter beams that were suited to their oversized pallets weighing up to 2 tonne. These pallets stored bombs, aircraft engines and various other aviation parts and equipment that would not fit within your normal pallet racking bays.

The second impressive storage solution that BHD provided was BHD’s Extra Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking that was 7.5 meters high with extra heavy duty columns and 2.5 meter long extra heavy duty pivot arms. Each of the 2.5 meter long arms has the ability to hold up to a staggering 850kg with the arms being spaced every 1200mm; and in other areas where heavier aviation parts and equipment are being stored, the arms are spaced every 900mm.

These two BHD storage solutions have provided the Australian War Memorial with the ability to store all of the items in their current aviation collection, along with the capacity and potential to increase their unique aviation collection further into the future.

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