Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking

If your business requires a rack system that can manage the constant turnover of inventory, a pallet flow racking system is highly recommended. If you’re interested in a pallet flow rack system (also commonly known as a gravity flow pallet rack system), get in touch with BHD Storage Solutions. We offer quality pallet flow racking in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, and can also supply businesses in other parts of Australia with a pallet flow rack system. We have an extensive selection of gravity flow pallet racking systems and parts available in different heights, widths and depths to suit the layout of any warehouse.

What is Pallet Flow Racking?

A pallet flow racking system is a FIFO (first in, first out) type of pallet rack system that comes with roll poly tracks placed on incrementally lowered beams. Pallets move from the on-load end at the back of the system to the off-load end at the front of the system. In other words, the first pallet that’s loaded at the back of any lane of the system will also be the first pallet to be unloaded at the front once it arrives there.

The Advantages of Using Pallet Flow Racking

Remarkable Strength

The gravity flow pallet racking systems we offer are made out of galvanised steel, making them suitable for withstanding the rough conditions of warehouses. Our flow through pallet racking systems can withstand bumps, collisions and light damage caused by forklifts, helping to improve the safety of your employees as well as keeping stock protected.

Improved Storage Capacity

A flow through pallet racking system doesn’t come with aisles; pallets are instead loaded from one end of the system and unloaded at the other end. This makes it possible to have more floor space to store pallets in without taking up space in aisles or hindering product rotation in any way.

Efficient Stock Rotation

Gravity flow pallet racking systems are highly recommended if the inventory that’s being moved around has a short shelf life. All inventory on pallets will be automatically sent to the front end of the system to ensure that the inventory is rotated in time before it can no longer be used.

Reduced Labour

As pallets going through a gravity flow pallet rack system are rotated automatically, there’s significantly less need for warehouse workers to rearrange the inventory loads. Workers also won’t need to move around the warehouse as much to pick or load inventory, thereby making them work more efficiently.

Compatible with Standard Forklifts

It’s safe to use standard forklifts to load and unload pallets from a pallet flow racking system. This makes it unnecessary to purchase new compatible forklifts to use with a pallet flow rack system, saving time and money.

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BHD Storage Solutions is the number one supplier of pallet flow racking in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere across the country. Contact us today for more information on the gravity flow pallet racking systems we can provide.

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