Privacy Policy

BHD Storage Solutions, is committed to the privacy of our client information, and this policy details what may be collected of any personal information acquired or obtained through use of our website. “BHD”, may from time to time give you notice of information practices that are specific to the company and services when you request the service, and may also be removed by client request.


  • Client access through another website or through a link from ours. The privacy policy of the other website will apply in this case. “BHD” does not make any warranty or representation to practices of any linked websites or handling of any personal information.
  • To corporate information, or any identifiable person from another source or website link or service.
  • Any other dealings with our company except through the website and in respect of our website services.


  • Responding to inquiries and questions about our company and products and services.
  • Record keeping of client/ “BHD” business transactions and communications.
  • To ensure security access to our website is identified.
  • Maintain a database profile for the future development of client requirements, interest, and servicing access.
  • To send information relating to products and services “BHD” provides.

When a client proceeds to give information details, the client has issued consent to do so for the use outlined above. The only exception is in the receiving of marketing materials and the client may choose to decline.

Confidentiality and Security of collected information: “BHD” has implemented the use of security equipment and safeguard procedures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of information. Our company seeks to ensure all secure methods and practices to protect information, however, our company cannot guarantee total protection from the Internet from hackers or any misuse of the internet.

“BHD” will not disclose any personal information of any client except in the event of a statutory required law enforcement, public safety, or health, and or client consent; to any related companies, suppliers, or service providers.

Collection of Information: When a client visits our website the use of cookies is enabled to collect some basic information that may include identification of a client web browser, but may not be the identification of the user. Clients may choose to disable web browser from accepting cookies. Information is identified and collected by the website contact, user names, passwords, email, and purchase of goods and services.

At anytime, any client may request access to information collected of the identified client in respect to: Reasonable belief or concerns of the obtained individual information and all requests are sent to:

To further change, correct, or update relevant individual information that may be inaccurate, or in any way misleading, or incomplete, please further send contact information request of change to: BHD Storage Solutions will then correct or amend the information request and or give any notice of a request decline and explanation as to why.

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