Light Duty Cantilever Rack

Light duty cantilever racking is a cost-effective warehouse option that’s ideal for storing items and materials that are long, bulky or irregularly shaped, including steel pipes, wooden planks, plastic tubing and more. This is possible because there are no structural components of the warehouse interfering with the handling of these items.

With a wide range of arm and base combinations available to choose from, the light duty cantilever racks from BHD Storage Solutions are designed to suit your individual storage requirements. Thanks to the column-to-base bolt system, the system can be adjusted and reconfigured to accommodate different loads and heights depending on your needs.

At BHD Storage Solutions, our light duty cantilever racking and shelving system is the best choice if you’re interested in planning for business growth and change. We’re leading the way in design and functionality of pivot arm technology, while ensuring the prevention of structural or product damage.

The Advantages of Using Light Duty Cantilever Racking

Easy to Install

Every light duty cantilever rack that BHD Storage Solutions manufactures can be quickly assembled. They can also be easily disassembled to modify how they’re set up, allowing them to meet constantly changing storage requirements.

Increased Productivity

Our light duty cantilever racks can improve how stock is managed and moved, reducing handling times and increasing general employee productivity.

High Durability

Every light duty cantilever rack that BHD Storage Solutions offers is made from powder-coated steel to protect against damage, resulting in excellent durability.

Increased Storage Capacity

Using a light duty cantilever rack in your facility can help to better optimise storage space. It can be difficult to assign space for storage purposes, but this type of rack can be easily modified to accommodate any new storage requirements that arise.

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Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne warehouses can contact us to find out more about our light duty cantilever racks and discover a solution that works for them.


  • Unilateral, bilateral or combination side loading.
  • Indoor or outdoor use with the option of galvanised or powder coat finish.
  • Colour match finishes to your business’s corporate colours.
  • Light, medium or big load systems ranging from 3 metres to 12 metres in height, and arm depths of up to 3 metres.
  • Manufactured overseas in compliance to Australian Standards 4084-2023 & FEM Standards (European Materials Handling Federation), and to meet all safety requirements.
  • Designed to withstand the heaviest of work cycles, using high strength carbon steel.


Materials – Only the highest quality materials and highest-grade steel materials, finishes and standards are selected to manufacture the various components of our light duty cantilever rack storage systems.

Manufacturing – Using advanced design software and engineering, BHD light duty cantilever racks are manufactured to exact tolerances. All items produced by BHD are able to be tracked via individual batch numbers, ensuring that in the unlikely event of product malfunction, a recall can be activated immediately.

Finish – We have tested our 5-step coating process and know we can provide a perfect finish every time with up to 10 years of protection if inspected annually.

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