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Maximising the use of your available tyre storage space without affecting the quality of your product is important. At BHD Storage Solutions, we supply efficient and cost-effective tyre racks. We take advantage of unused vertical space, providing tyre racks that are ideal for storing tyres of all types and sizes. BHD’s tyre racks can help you increase your tyre storage capabilities while ensuring easy identification and picking of product.

We can tailor tyre racks for your individual tyre storage requirements and specifications. Whether you’re a local independent tyre outlet looking for a small tyre rack shelving system, or a large tyre manufacturer in need of an automated high-rise tyre rack installation, our team of professional experts can help you find the tyre racking solution that’s right for you.

Features and Benefits
  • Strength – The beams of a tyre rack system are constructed from Australian-made heavy-duty steel that has the strength needed to hold large loads of tyres.
  • Improved efficiency – As any tyres stored onto a tyre racking system are positioned vertically, the tyres can be rolled off the tyre rack with little manual handling and effort. This reduces how long it takes for employees to get the tyres they need, helping to increase productivity.
  • Better product protection – Tyres are stored vertically between the two beams located at the front and back of each individual shelf, stopping tyres from rolling off the shelves and getting damaged.
  • Improved employee safety – Using a tyre racking system is a highly recommended alternative to stacking tyres unsafely on the floor, improving the safety of staff.
  • Designated space for all tyre products – The vertical layout of a tyre racking system ensures that every space designated for specific types of tyres is clearly outlined. This can save a great deal of time in trying to find a particular tyre product.
  • Adaptable – Every tyre storage system we manufacture is designed to be easily modified as required to adjust the height of its shelves.
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