Cantilever Racking – Factors To Consider While Purchasing

30 April 2019

Cantilever Racking is a unique storage system for warehouse, which is a combination of vertical column, base, arms and horizontal and/or cross bracing. The bracing is generally used to join two or more cantilever bays together and to provide stability to the racking system.

What are the applications of cantilever racking system?

They are commonly used in lumberyards, woodworking shops, and plumbing supply warehouses. Cantilever racking system provides many advantages for storing various types of bulky over-sized long loads such as timber, plasterboard, steel trusses & piping, PVC carpet.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing Cantilever Racking?

When purchasing Cantilever racking system, the first thing you should look at is how the upright is connected to the base.  Some of the cantilever racks require only 4 or 8 bolt assemblies. Few racks are made of enhancement plates, which require 12 bolts for each assembly. They give strong support to the system.

While designing your Cantilever Racking System, do not forget that the height of your building and the range of your forklift, which are the two main factors that you should consider when choosing the right upright size.

To choose the right Arm size, you should make sure your products must never exist the length of the arm, for instance, if your products are 1200mm deep, then you need minimum 1200mm length arm, also keep in mind that make sure the arms are not overloaded.

You should also look at the price while comparing to the quality of the product.  Famous stores offer best price in Cantilever Racking Systems and Components while maintaining providing products of top quality.

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