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BHD expanding client’s operations

BHD Storage Solutions tells MHD about how it’s helped expand Queensland Bottlers, a manufacturer of natural spring water products, tackle its warehouse capacity issues.

Queensland Bottlers, a manufacturer of natural spring water products, faced a pressing challenge as its production requirements rapidly outgrew its existing 7000 sqm manufacturing and storage warehouse.

With surging demand from national retailers and distributors, its weekly production skyrocketed, leading to a critical decision: should it secure a second warehouse or explore innovative storage solutions to accommodate its growth?

Options Explored

In search of an optimal solution, Queensland Bottlers, Reuben Ong engaged with the expertise of David Seale from BHD Storage Solutions.

The primary focus was on finding a cost-efficient approach to address its storage needs. Among various alternatives, the option of implementing shuttle racking technology emerged as the most promising.

Shuttle Racking Solution

BHD Storage Solutions installed a cutting-edge shuttle racking system comprising four shuttle carts with a total pallet capacity of 1535, accommodating 1300mm high pallets.

The unique challenge in storing bottled spring water was the inability to stack pallets on top of one another due to fragility.

This innovative system effectively utilised 570 sqm of floor space to store the 1535 pallets. In comparison, the traditional ground storage method could only house 313 pallets within the same area. This translates to an astounding 80 per cent increase in storage capacity within the same warehouse footprint.

Cost-Effective Advantage

Opting for the shuttle racking solution proved to be a financially astute decision. Had Queensland Bottlers chosen to expand into a second warehouse, the ongoing rent for storing the same 1535 pallets would have offset the investment in shuttle racking within a mere 1.8 years.

Beyond that point, the enhanced storage capacity contributes directly to the company’s bottom-line profitability.

Queensland Bottlers’ case highlights the critical importance of innovative storage solutions when facing growth challenges.

The implementation of shuttle racking technology not only maximised its existing warehouse space but also significantly improved operational efficiency. By avoiding the expense of a second warehouse, the company achieved a rapid return on investment, reinforcing the value of forward-thinking decisions in addressing expansion dilemmas.

BHD Storage Solutions takes pride in its collaboration with Queensland Bottlers, creating a space-efficient storage operation that positions it for continued success in a competitive market.

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